16 March 2019


it's time to wake up
get the dirt from under your nails
clean the blood of your hands
time is your enemy
you're wanted from across the lands
Spring is coming soon
the snow almost all gone
panic's not the thing to do
when they finally find the bodies
breathe, you weren't there
thirteen and counting

06 February 2019

Night's Jester

trust me he says with diabolical eyes

with stomach turning I inquired why
why?  he says perplexed
             never a question had been asked

why?  he seemed hexed
             but recovered quite fast

because I know the night

the creatures that stay
I know the trails where each one lays
I'm your best bet to staying alive
is that a good enough reason
mr. why

he sorta danced out of the light
knowing inside he'd win
he is the jester of the night
I was never seen again
copyright © 2019 patrick b vince

time again

to be in heat
a Prisoner of need
I want to hear the screams
watch someone bleed

a craving so determined
so relentless
gnaws on my bones
mentally beaten senseless

I self medicate
try to resist
holding myself back
making my checklist

he'll never be found
someone fictitious
a runaway
he was delicious

Happy Face

thinking the thoughts I thunk
would make anyone go mad
a colorful a ray of red black and blue
it's almost depressing quite sad
I manage to put on a happy face
a facade of the monster I may be
detached from the norm of reality

I was chosen by God's good grace
to strike fear in the human race
sending the sheep back to the Shepard
except for those that I slaughtered
sacrifices to a god with no name
I achieved the highest record
secretly I wallow in the fame
I manage to put on a happy face

Copyright © 2019 PBVince

06 January 2019

the norm to see

It had become the norm to see
make shift home under a tree
a living pile of blankets at the park
where children play and dogs bark

rain or shine a guarantee
it had become the norm to see
in the day light or after dark
whoever it was was leaving a mark

seasons come and seasons go
hot is replaced by bitter cold
it had become the norm to see
a living pile of blankets under a tree

blizzard warning three feet of snow
the pile lay silent wouldn't you know
I felt a sadness cover me
it had become the norm to see

20 December 2018

mind reader

what makes you think I can read minds

you keep your emotions hidden inside

I can't decipher what your facial features say

to me they all look the same anyway

your sarcastic gestures I find quite absurd

slamming doors like a Morris code

walking around like a storm cloud

don't know why you can't talk to me out loud

what makes you think I can read minds

I don't know

it's frustrating
blows my fucking mind
set something down
turn around and it's gone
I had it just moments ago
never left the room
where did it go
how could I have forgotten
why is it I don't know

it happens too often
forgetting things
lost in the black hole of my mind
in the abyss of my brain
honestly where did it go
constantly forgetting
why is it I don't know

12 December 2018

one summer night

Willing victim laying in wait
was blindfolded it must be fate
I chicken hawk he the chicken
laying in wait willing victim

soft touch caress a wicked smack
with both hands I trace his back
to a gorgeous ass I'm impressed
a wicked smack soft touch caress

I spread his cheeks sweet puckered hole
stand at attention hardened pole
a swollen head the precum leeks
sweet puckered hole I spread his cheeks

spit gets it wet a tender kiss
he starts to moan a state of bliss
finger slowly he starts to sweat
a tender kiss spit gets it wet

I climb on top I mount his ass
tightened rings I push on pass
he feels so great don't want to stop
I mount his ass I climb on top

I shot my load ready to cum
cock buried deep in his bum
in his ass the cum did flow
ready to cum I shot my load

impaled deep I grabbed his cock
it was throbbing hard as a rock
edging him I made him weep
I grabbed his cock impaled deep

he came so hard I shot again
filled him up deep within
all this was done in my back yard
I shot again he came so hard

copyright © PBVince 2018

10 December 2018

early morning late of night


not a star could be seen in the blackened sky
even the moon managed to hide
air was crisp but not cold
surprising 'cause it began to snow
I was restless so went for a walk

footsteps were silent as I walked the street
weaving between parked cars off the roadway
came across violent remains at my feet
blood and gore marked the end of a driveway

curious I looked toward the house
two men had emerged
as I was about to inquire a shot rang out
I no longer wondered about the gore at my feet
there on the ground were remnants of me
in cold blood I was gunned down


calling out I await an answer

silence blankets me

I'm drowning in the absence of sound

I look around the room is full

strangers deaf to my voice

blind to my sight

I am but an apparition of what I was

calling out I await an answer