18 October 2014

Fair Warning

beware the dark black sky and moonless night
when creatures without eyes look for a bite
Take cover! Take cover! I cried
they're getting close, quick get inside
hear their babbling it's getting louder
caught someone by the sound of that howler

they follow the scent of bad girls and boys
as screams are heard above all of the noise
They're coming! They're coming! I scream
like a reoccurring bad dream
they caught a poor soul, ripped him to shreds
they're coming, the rest, to feast on the dead

so fair warning to children everywhere
don't go acting all wild or they'll appear
Hush! Hush! Get in bed, close your eyes
cover your ears, block out their cries
seems the creatures are eating well tonight
hush, they'll all disappear before first light

Staccato Poem
Copyright © 2014 by Patrick B Vince

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