21 June 2015

earth, fire, water, air

 feel the weight

I bumped my head when I fell
woke in utter darkness
the air stale, earth at my fingertips
I was in a quagmire pit
felt the weight of the world sucking me in
wasn't long before I was up to my waist
the pressure was intense on my skin
it got difficult to catch a breath
panic and bemusement were interlaced
arms and head were sinking fast
taste the marshy soil on my lips
the grit as it pushed into my eyes
last I remember a hand reaching for me
unfortunately it was the hand of death

the heat is on
I was unprepared
foolish at best
thought I could make it from A to B
like it was my personal quest
the sun beat down on me
in moments I was drenched in sweat
while walking got dizzy
started seeing things, hallucinating
mirage after mirage
my muscles were excruciating
my mouth dry as a desert
as I felt my blood boil
I remembered what they said
don't dehydrate or you'll end up dead


I remember taking a breath of air
and the current grabbing hold
eyes focused under the waves
colors were so bright and bold
I was weightless, was floating
calm confusion settled in
lungs mutinied making me breathe
liquid fills the hollow space
uncontrollable panic
dead paroxysm convulsions
then back to floating again
a final glimpse of beauty
saw the sun piercing the waves
as I sank in my watery grave


a freeze advisory has been issued
if you don't have to go out stay in it said
there lies my dilemma
didn't want to stay here
got dressed thinking of my warm comfortable bed
I wore long underwear and double the socks
gloves, scarf, jacket and two hats for the head
into the night I went accosted by the wind factor
what was five was now twenty below instead
the air was so cold I could hardly breathe
exposed flesh instantly turned red
my eyes iced over I couldn't see
hypothermia quickly sat in
wasn't long before I was dead

Copyright©2015 by Patrick B Vince

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