04 April 2017

Sums it Up

Walk in my shoes
start the day waking to your muscles contracting
you feel a tug within your skin pulling at the nerve fibers
you try to relax at the same time reminding yourself to breath
your breath is labored
a mouth breather
how quickly you become dehydrated
fighting the pain that erupts from each joint you get up
choking down behind clenched teeth a scream
agonizingly you make your way to the bathroom

I'll skip over natures necessities
leaving you knowing that you finish covered in a cold sweat

you struggle methodically to remove you night wear
turn the shower on
you cringe as your skin becomes hypersensitive
you suddenly become hydrophobic
somehow you get in
clenching your teeth so tight you can hear them fracture
pins and needles covered in bee stings accosts you relentlessly
fighting fire with fire you embrace your flesh
willing it to calm
finishing the grueling task of staying clean you try to dress
again your body decides to oppose you
perspiration is your enemy
your wetter then you were in the shower
letting lose you scream
obscenities erupt without censorship

you realize you can't fight it
you work within the pain and inabilities
taking mental inventory of all abnormalities

after several hours of stretching
relaxing and contracting limbs
reminding yourself to breath
your body releases the rigor mortis state it was in

your now in a time constraint
history has proven that come five o'clock
or should you sit and rest
your body once again goes into rigor mortis

day after day
it wears you down
you find out how true it is
a far away place in your head
start loosing time
in the hear and now you have drool running down your chin
realizing you don't care
a state of bliss

a fake reality

Copyright © 2017 Patrick B Vince

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