23 October 2016

One two three, who will it be

It was an abnormally warm October
trees were changing color
spring bulbs were breaking ground
I was counting the days 'till Hollow's Eve

The air was still as death
so dry it stole the moisture from your lungs
I watched the Hunter's Moon cross the sky
felt desire return like an old friend
I continued counting the days

a nigh and day went by
I tasted smells
it woke a hunger
a hunger that fed on fear

main course

a smorgasbord
of the tainted
the sick minded
and perverted

he acted like king shit
pushed people around
took candy from kids
thought he was untouchable
it made me salivate
I was in the shadows
he was fucked up
I watched him stumble off to pee
he walked blindly
hairs rose
he opened his eyes
I was the last thing he saw
Before I skinned him alive

the next was a husband and father to be
he had a habit nobody's seen
He liked young men to dominate
I vexed him to see me as the perfect mate
He collared and claimed me as his boy
quickly took me home to enjoy
in the privacy of his abode
he stripped me of my cloths
I stripped off his plus his skin
I licked the carcass and tasted sin
his eyes confirmed he was processing
he started to mumble to say something
blah blah blah was all I heard
I started to laugh it was so absurd

He belittled superstitions
he bullied the weak and small
He hid behind a tough guy fa├žade
we started with simple conversation
it grew to hypothetical questions
we created virtual realities
then I made one scenario come alive
where he was the victim
I was the sadistic cannibal
he was delicious
as a token I kept his tanned hide

the morning sun threatened
I've gathered three
the winds changed chord
group psychosis
paranoia was gone
the beast was fed
It was satisfied

went back to counting the days
Copyright © 2016 by Patrick B Vince

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