05 October 2016

Wait for the light

You're staring
eyes glaring, glazed
you're amazed at what you see
I'm supposed to be dead not here with a shit eating grin

You're confused
which amused me
I set you free, you ran away
I stayed back then followed envisioning you without skin

Feel me near
stay clear the dark
it's been marked as my play space
then again, in case you're curious, feel free to go in

Then one night
despite warnings
since morning seemed within reach
you beseech courage and left the light to visit kin

I followed
you slowed, listened
was stunned when you heard me speak
your death will be unique, I've waited so long to begin”

you tried to move
too late I removed your head
you watched as I fed, I smiled back with your blood on my chin

Copyright © 2016 by Patrick B Vince

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