02 November 2016

Keep my heart bruised

I must really like the abuse
having my feelings minimized by words you say
I give my heart to you and you blindly step on it
to scrape it off your foot later that day
I try to make things go smoothly
I try to lesson your daily task
I want to feel you feel me
yet you have another in your grasp
I get slapped with the your committed
a relationship of convenience
you see how it rolls
but to you I have committed my soul
I wonder if I was out the door before the cloths came off
before you went running into the playroom
not giving me another thought
You don't see how I crave and yearn you
I think you forget I have feelings too
It's times like this I wish I could walk away
walk away and say fuck you
but I can't and I keep coming back
I must really like the abuse

Copyright © 2016 by Patrick B Vince

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