12 November 2014


a dragon and I friends, who knew
a breathtaking fledgling
dark green eyes and scales deep blue
he was just a hatchling
spoke with his eyes a tale he told
tears fell completely uncontrolled
spoke with his eyes
spoke with his eyes
hugging him I tighten my hold

who knew, a dragon and I friends
it's something wonderful
we no longer have to pretend
I know he's powerful
convince myself that he wont leave
our thoughts begin to interweave
convince myself
convince myself
that what he wants I can achieve

who knew, friends with a dragon
wasn't something I planned
with that smile and tail waging
emotions in my hand
warming my heart, feelings astray
he takes depression far away
warming my heart
warming my heart
love's the expression I display

Trijan Refrain
Copyright © 2014 by Patrick B Vince

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