11 November 2014


this is the night of the solstice
darkness triumphant the light
tomorrow though this is promised
rebirth of nature's life
night into light begins the change
Great Mother gives birth turning the page
night into light
night into light
with our blessings we set the stage

night of solstice we celebrate
as above so below
to you this day we consecrate
the universe and soul
mind and spirit they're intertwined
from the darkness the light will blind
mind and spirit
mind and spirit
cleansing them of all things unkind

end the solstice we bid good night
came together love and trust
we give thanks for sharing our rites
She's inside each of us
gracious Goddess close to our hearts
watch over us as we depart
Gracious Goddess
Gracious Goddess
so it be, merry meet and part
Trijan Refrain Poem
Copyright © 2014 by Patrick B Vince

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