14 November 2014


your beauty was statues, pure
I couldn't believe you were real
there's more to you than meets the eye
on close inspection, you do feel

a tear shed ever so lightly
tickles like butterfly kisses
such a strange sensation I'm sure
emotions fleeing like wishes

you lips in a permanent pout
goes well with your alabaster skin
I try my best to protect you
from vandals perpetual sin

in my garden, like Eve you stand
watching over all the flowers
befriending the woodland creatures
and absorbing Nature's power

day came, garden was empty
my Delilah had gone away
I followed her path through the brush
found her standing over her grave

looking at you, covered in sadness
there is something I need to say
you died almost three years ago
spirit lives, body's in decay

your will was strong, wouldn't let go
constructing your body from stone
meticulous about which ones
you will age but never grow old

I had forgotten about time
fleeing at an alarming rate
I wasn't immortal, I aged
Death came like a pre arranged date

my body, worm food in the ground
in the garden, is where you still stay
waiting for a prince Charmin’s kiss
to take you far, far away

fairy tales, don't always come true

Quatrain Poem
Copyright © 2014 by Patrick B Vince

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