25 August 2015

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Once upon a la la land
somewhere 'round chapter two or three
I flew a carpet over times of sand
to set my spirit free

Found answers not questioned in Charlotte's web
while traveling on a pumpkin vine
I couldn't understand what the white mouse said
before it caught vapors sputtering off into rhyme

It's queer this feeling yet feels familiar
torn pages from books I've read
but slightly rewritten and twisted
messing with the reality in my head

echoing in the emptiness heard a sing a long
was sung by Dumb and Tweedle dead
I fell asleep to the strange song sung
using the odd earth as my bed

while daydreaming my soul got molested
the innocence tainted by demon tongue
Blue Boy's mind blew as if infested
the rainbow was gone the darkness had won

that's when I snapped, lost control
felt pleasure and pain intertwine
I'm a faceted person no longer whole
with a sick and demented mind

Copyright © 2016 Patrick B Vince

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