22 August 2015

it happened Tuesday

Tuesday came and Tuesday went
the next day I remember Friday
In between a clouded mess
of images and voices

A beast emerged somewhere there in
taking my body over
I couldn't stop it
I had no control
The things it did
the threats it made

I was a turret of my make believe
raking the words across the eyes of my foes
piercing the ears with vulgarity
who was this creature I didn't know
I just knew it couldn't be me

Lithium struck a new time high
my blood was charged more then a battery
toxic as toxicity can be
to the point of ready to explode

Four days passed the pot did simmer
who I am finally shown through
a reality check though something to remember
There is a a monster in me that calls me home

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

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