19 July 2015

White Flame set me Free

Followed a rainbow in the middle of the night
jumping over moon beams along the way

The magic was oppressive in the air
my mind was curious, my heart said beware

Beware those with dark eyes
eyes that mirror an abysmal soul
soul that drains the energies of life
life that's the product of all that is magic

The moon was full, the magic enticing
everything looked new, vibrant and exciting

Saying the words of old as above so below
all but ribbons in time so the words did forego

Forgo humanity, heart ceases to beat
beat the flesh leaving bruises in shades of blue
blue blood in the veins, cold as ice
ice awaiting a burning fire

The heat of the night ignited a white flame
inhibitions, once obstacles, were overcame

Into my being the magic I swallowed
thanks to the midnight rainbow I followed

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

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