22 July 2015

Lovely Slumber

he fell back into slumber
to a faraway land

I guess somewhere erotic
by the state he was in
I found it hypnotic
him hard in my hands
echoing my heartbeat

back and forth I stroked
then tickled the tip with my tongue
it was better then I hoped
I got the taste of pre cum
I heard a moan from above
looked, his eyes still closed
felt something strange I think love
beaming I swallowed his muscle
his body responded to the assault
I didn't miss a beat
taste buds covered in liquid salt
I swallowed every bit

while holding his calming phallus
I felt his breathing change
sitting back I gazed at him
he woke, looked at me kind of strange
then gave me a loving smile

smiling he fell back into slumber
to a faraway land

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

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