07 June 2015

it's not Easy

do you think it's easy being me
I've no special powers
I'm no super hero
I'm a sick minded serial killer

which takes discipline
physical stamina
and a distaste for people in general

it's nothing like television
where they snap the neck
with just a little twist
or cut the jugular
with the slightest of ease
but to shoot someone in the head
that's psychological
pulling the trigger's a breeze

in reality
death is messy
all blood, shit and piss
that's what people leave behind
their last parting gift

surprisingly they seldom scream
maybe too terrified or petrified
their voices lost on the tongue
suddenly they can't speak
it happens to both
the old and the young

I like to tie some with rope
I put some in chains
while others I don't bother
depends if I'm tired
or ready to play

it tickles my insides
seeing the fear in their eyes
as they look around the room
at all my wonderful instruments
some I'll use to remove their skin
as I send them to their doom

there's blood on my hands
I smell it in the air
it attracts my usual guest
the incarnation known as Death
and he's famished
follows the flies
to a banquet of flesh

that's just a part of a routine night
I also stalk the shadows
and let lose nightmares
to me it seems normal
feels right

I'm no super hero
I have no special powers
just this shit eating grin
and an evil within
so answer me please
think it's easy being me

Copyright©2015 by Patrick B Vince

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