07 June 2015

Breathe Deep

There's a rancid sweet smell in the air
it seems to be coming from everywhere
laced with decay, infection and death
surprised to find you're holding your breath

Sitting alone in the darkness
the stench stung your eyes
you had heard they made progress
but the government lies

It's an epidemic that quickly spread
the people you knew are most likely dead
your eyes adjust to the dim of the morn'
find that your tired, hungry and worn

Just one scavenger of the night
since you were alone when it began
left to hide in shadows away from the light
watch out for the monsters
known as your fellow man

An air born pathogen was attacking the brain
making people rabid, psychotic, insane
slowly killing humanity when it arrived
where are there others, who else survived

A handful were lucky to be immune
they went into hiding underground
it seemed like the logical thing to do
one by one their bodies were found

Giving up on survival you welcome death
one more nail in the coffin with each breath
scattered all around it's here and there

can't hide from a virus that's everywhere

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

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