31 May 2015


They come when the moon's red
like dark power
Hear them sing in your head
if so cower
Scalibogs are coming
it was all forthcoming
do you hear them humming

Hide in shadows 'cause they fear light
finds unsuspected prey
These are the terrors of the night
only safe when it's day
Fear Scalibogs they think your meat
a human child would be a treat
fear Scalibogs
fear Scalibogs
eating you would make them complete

They come out looking for those that are bad
and have a taste for spoiled brats
They're not quit human but completely mad
stealthy as cats and blind as bats
Fear the Scalibogs they will take your skin
they would do it wearing an evil grin
fear the Scalibogs
fear the Scalibogs
what they do is definitely a sin


Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

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