31 May 2015

Cleansing is Coming

Mascaraed as a good start to the day
leaving the mind wide open on display
a warmth came and settled into the bone
a darkness was coming who would have known

Scurrying along we're critters on this land
from afar we look like ants; woman, child and man
minuscule entities when seen from space
the thought alone should put us in our place

We're like a virus on this beautiful planet
more a contaminate and a hindrance I bet
poisoning the waterways and the soil
like an infection or a topical boil

A dose of ice age or some major calamity
would return the Earth to where she should be
reducing the numbers of you and me
while letting nature truly roam free

Protesters, free radicals and tree huggers
animal lover of no legs, four legs, fish and birds
guaranteed entrance through St. Peter's gate
the rest of us will find it to be a little too late

Not a total wipe out, some people will survive
even the Earth needs something from human kind
so the strong and the witty will remain alive
the tenderly strong and those that use their mind

Like a rerun or a well watched play
it started out as a beautiful day
What would they do if they were to know
remain disbelieving, until the first wind did blow

Copyright©2015 by Patrick B Vince

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