07 April 2015

Potion in Motion

Air, Wind and Sea, by the power of three
Goddess, I plead, watch over me
The four corners I pray
keep me from temptation or lead astray

These ingredients I'll combine:
fresh dragon's blood
one bat's eye
an albino rat
an assassin fly
the essence of a deadly flower
put in a cauldron over an open flame
with the growing heat I felt the power
I felt the change though looked the same

as above, so below
feather of dove, blood of crow
protect with love and merriment
to those I'm ill, one sentiment
true happiness, may thee find
but can not reach, with twine I bind
feather of crow, blood of dove
so below, as above

With my anthem I stir the cauldron
then add the bloody bound feathers
increased the heat until it's scalding
making the potion that binds things together
Turned two to one, my element and I
Gave me healing powers to help the Earth survive

I am liquid
the earth she moans in agony
her pain I lifted
before she lost her sanity
I carried it away on a torrent stream
like the poison I washed from her veins
forgotten, a memory, nothing but a dream
bound up tightly in chains

Innocence soiled, left bleeding and raw
the scar tissue holds individual names
Names of those that didn't stop what they saw
it would serve them right to choke on their shame
Cathartic, felt no more negativity
Rejuvenating my inner creativity

To the four corners I give thee praise
kept me from temptation or led astray
Goddess I thank you for watching over me
with Air, Wind and Sea, the power of three

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

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