07 April 2015

He Dwells in Shadows

In shadows he dwells, waiting patiently
for a traveler that travels at night
Spying one traveling by moonlight
he begins to salivate shamelessly
Thinking of ways to lead him astray
decides on the one he calls child's play

A traveler traveling by the stars
disturbed by the sounds of a child in pain
felt compelled to help though couldn't explain
Throwing cation to the wind, au revoir
he searches for the sound of the suffering
ignorant to the danger that was hovering

Sharp jagged teeth adorned a wicked grin
Hands stained with blood, fingernails like razors
Anticipating all of the flavors
can taste fear emanating from the skin
The traveler is lead far from the trail
out on a quest that is geared up to fail

Deeper in the woods he follows the cries
Gung hoe, like a present day Robin Hood
feeling invincible for doing good
Then felt betrayed when he saw his demise
A Scalibog was eating his body
last thing he saw 'fore his sight went foggy

Copyright © 2015 Patrick B Vince

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