02 February 2015

Being Your Boy

Boy is my name and I'm his Boy
resist temptation was easy but him I can't resist
offer my services and he took the offer
stay for as long as you want me to stay
skipping the niceties you have my heart skipping
play time commences I'm ready to play

collar on me, padlock on the collar
I burn with desire see it in my eyes
insisted I followed orders, punish me I insisted
said who's my hot fucker, that's me I said
stripped him down , then I stripped
tread on my kinky side where seldom do tread

spread on the bed, ass exposed, cheeks spread
restrain me with rope and leather restraints
preyed on my flesh, forgive me my father, I prayed
squeeze my ass then give each nipple a squeeze
grip my balls while tightening your grip
again I was transformed Please Sir do it again

I anticipate we'll fuck, him and I
deep breath while he lubes my hole hard and deep
please I beg, don't stop, more, please
attack my ass with a full force attack
and that's how it began

as a matter of fact
Shadow Sonnet

Copywrite © 2015 Patrick B Vince

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