17 October 2014

got me off

I'm naked waiting for you in the dark
my flesh is craving the bite not the bark
Restraints! Restraints! master of rope
bind me then let your fingers grope
get physical, aggressive, I like rough
restraints alone aren't impressive enough

bound. blindfolded you lay me in the sling
legs up, ass spread invade my anal ring
Hot! Hot! You ignited a fire
I submit, please take me higher
uniting together pleasure with pain
hot intense sensations close to insane

non stop violation was amazing
prostate stimulation made me crazy
Don't stop! Don't stop! I'm almost there
choking me you control my air
my balls in your hand, squeeze, each time harder
don't stop, indulge me, I can go farther

sensation is shocking, electrical
temptation's taunting are incredible
Transcend! Transcend! cosmic feelings
I respond with zen like breathing
back in alignment I'm one with my skin
transcend in silence to relive again

Staccato Poem

© 2014 by Patrick B Vince  

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