18 August 2016

Equinox Confession

I didn't know I'd miss the red stickiness on my fingers
          I can't believe I took a reprieve
I don't know what made me think I cold be a vegetarian
          that's one goal I can't achieve

Craving for that that I shouldn't have
I take cold showers and long walks
temporary solutions but the cravings do win
during the spring and autumnal equinox

As leaves change colors I play Jekyll and Hyde
a daytime facade while at night I go mad
up close and personal I gut with my knife
my technique I perfected and remains ironclad

Twice a year it happens I have to give in
a need to take someone's breath away
or wear someone's heart on my sleeve
maybe picking someone's brain for a day

Each time I'm amazed
at how much I missed the red stickiness on my fingers

Copyright © 2016 Patrick B Vince

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