26 January 2016

Sound of a Caw

Summer seemed shorter than I remember
Autumn rode the wind, it felt like fall
Last recall it was June now September
off in the distance, a sound of a caw

The precursor before the murder was seen
black feathers, sharp beaks, deadly claws
Resurrecting the horrors from past Halloweens
while increasing our fears of nightfall

Hairs stood and goose bumped as foreseen
each day was renewed with fresh decay
As winged scavengers fed on our dreams
Mother Earth turned red, brown, black and gray

We fought, got beaten, surrendered
our reality was twisted, slipping away
forced to watch our souls get dismembered
felt violated seeing our darkest secrets displayed

three months of misery suddenly forgotten the first of December
like an etching on the walls of our psyche, the murder we saw,
lays dormant, in a deep sleep, a smoldering ember

till woken, excited, igniting a flame by the sound of a caw

Copyright © 2016 Patrick B Vince

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