25 December 2015

Thanksgiving Day

I stared at the a poor excuse for a holiday meal, an overcooked TV dinner when a faint memory flooded my mind
one of festive times, bright lights, cheerful moments
which quickly dissipated and was replaced by a flickering bulb, stale air, and silence
a reminder of my miserable existence
I'm nothing but a bag of flesh taking up space
alienated, ostracized, and secluded

pushing my dinner aside, I tried to recall when I become antisocial
suspicious and wary of everyone
intentions of any kind were always in question
settling in my chair, I watched the flickering bulb finally expire

in the darkness, I felt her near
her cold fingers caressed my skin
she touched my soul, releasing it
then she leaned in and gave me a gentle kiss
that's when my body fell dead
an echo of her presence was all she left behind

once more alone, I waited
I saw morning come and go and days past
I watched in horror as my physical form was devoured by rot and decay
Mortified by the reality that I wasn't missed
after about a month someone came, the stench drawing them in
I watched as they took me away and felt a weight lifted from my being
I felt confident, curious and free, as if reborn
I had become Ethereal and ready for adventure

full of life while completely dead

Copyright © 2015 Patrick B Vince

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