09 July 2015

Battery Trip

took acid on a lithium brain
imagine the reaction
intense pleasurable pain
my body tingled, went into spasm
nothing was as it was everything changed
my reality slipped away
leaving me in nightmare land
blood, guts, gore everywhere
all my senses were on high alert
I laughed so hard it hurt
thought I'd die from a stitch in my side
aspirating on liquid air
I watched the melting of my skin
evaporating I slowly disappeared
releasing the inhibitions from within
without a conscious, without a soul
an abysmal void of curiosity
awakening the killer in me
he's heartless, demented and cold
was I still tripping, I couldn't tell
it was surreal the sounds and smells
the blood on my hands was a sight to behold

Copyright©2015 by Patrick B Vince

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