14 June 2015

With the turn of a Key

a collar of chain he puts on me
a persona change with a turn of a key
forget who I was, Boy's my new name
after we met I was never the same
we both like bondage, flogging, pain
pleasure pain that drives me insane
he's an artist when binding with rope
blindfolds me and freely gropes
the snap of a crop is electrifying
I felt my feelings intensifying
he surpassed my sexual desires
his every touch setting my flesh on fire
his strong hands guided me to the bed
where he caused an orgasm in my head
teasing me with his masculinity
refusing to let me go or set my hands free
his voice echoing with pleasure
grasping each word I store them away
he stole my heart like a hidden treasure
increasing the bounty each time we play
hours pass by, time disappears
a feeling of knowing each other for years
for some that's hard to comprehend
he's not only my Sir but a dear friend
a collar of chain he takes off of me
a persona change with a turn of a key

Copyright © 2015 Patrick B Vince

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