30 June 2015

What a Night

he laid me down while I was bound
hoisted my legs up off the ground
balanced on my shoulder blades
with his toys he's ready to play
arms restrained behind my back
my flesh was fully exposed
I got turned on by the first whack
painful pleasures were transposed
he smiled at my hardening state
teased it with a slippery hand
I almost came he made me wait
wasn't a request but a demand
he wrapped my jewels nice and snug
gave them a squeeze and then a tug
I thought I'd scream but only moaned
until he touched my sweet spot
increased my heart made me hot
it caused an uncontrollable groan
slid in his finger got it primed
which he replaced with a toy
he got me off so many times
he's my Sir and I'm his Boy

Copyright © 2015 Patrick B Vince

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