26 June 2015

Vivid Imagination

once again I put myself in harms way
by caring too much
hoping he's okay
I exposed my heart
I made a surprise visit
I didn't give him notice
shocked that he had company
I stayed calm and collective
excused myself while keeping composure

alone I'm overcome with emotions
filled with jealousy
why was he with him
tears fell, my heart died
once more I felt empty, dead
looked with my heart not my head
images of him and he
fabrications in my mind
I had jumped to conclusions that weren't there

I spent the whole night in speculation
next day he beckons
heart beat one second
then it went away
he saw how I was feeling
masquerading, hiding pain
he saw I needed healing
then gave a kiss and held me
his love was needed to jump start my heart

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

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