09 June 2015


They didn't predict this much rain
actually they called for a sunny day
I knew better I had aches and pains
that and saw clouds coming this way

Its been raining for hours non stop
so I kept an eye on the gullies and streams
watched them doubled in size with each drop
it was like watching a dream

Lightening illuminated the sky
followed by a deafening roar


Electricity was in the air
another blinding flash
my ears rang from a thunder's clap

I watched in horror as the water rose
before long it was at my door
it found it's way soon was covering the floor

I was in awe, couldn't move, I froze
a sudden silence, a hair raising snap
knocked back to reality, out of my trance

running up stairs to the master bed
I tore open the curtains for a better view
expecting a flood I saw sun instead

and a perfectly clear sky of blue

Copyright©2015 by Patrick B Vince

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