22 June 2015

Propofol my Friend

Propofol what a wonderful drug
anesthesia for the wicked
used to send my guest into a dream state
sort of like a controlled acid trip
I asked for his consent and he said yes
so off to la la land he went

he was awake without feeling
more curious then afraid
he honestly thought he was dreaming
as I got ready to play
he was half out of his head
laughing as I dissected his leg
but when I took his eye
he got sappy and began to cry

I did what had to be done I cut out his tongue
then removed his teeth
after sewing his lips together he stopped his complaining
gave him another dose of propofol for shits and giggles

I loved the look in his eye as I removed his digits
I saw him go through mixed emotions
he still couldn't grasp reality
damn I love that drug
it made him completely delusional
so much so that he freely offered me his heart

he was bemused when I took it
I showed him it still beating in my hands
reality check before he died
darn I was having such a good time

I cleaned up the mess and searched for a new friend to share my wonderful propofol with

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince 

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