22 June 2015

I'm just Sick

I don't know why I enjoy picking meat off the bone with my teeth while it's still raw and bleeding, the warmth of the corpse still emanating

I don't know why I enjoy tearing through the flesh and severing the jugular vein or pressing my fingers into the eyes until the intraocular fluid ran down their face

I don't know why I enjoy the sound of the bones breaking in the the jaw as I'm ripping off the lower part leaving the tongue flapping in the wind or the sound of a blunt object cracking open the head exposing the brain that was hiding within

I don't know why I enjoy the feeling of rolling around in the innards of my victims or why I collect the teeth and nails as souvenirs

I do know that I get a tickle when I have lady fingers, considering it's so literal

it's funny, lighten up!

Copyright © 2015 Patrick B Vince

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