21 June 2015


He has a way of manhandling my soul
bringing me to ethereal orgasms
putting my physical being in rapture
causing pins and needles on every nerve
I offer myself freely
my flesh exposed
to Him
my Sir
my Master

when I'm collared
bound in rope I do as I'm told
while enjoying His every touch
I love the energy we expel
the fires we ignite
where pleasure pain is never enough
and He's happy to oblige

I'm proud to be His boy
another sin I gladly own
along with gluttony and lust
He grabs my throat makes me moan
then restrains my hands
takes my sight
heightens my senses
His touch
made me achieve a psychic erection
my whole body was throbbing

He explored me from head to below
with floggers
crops and things made of steel
a harsh sting followed by a gentle caress
smack in the face and a tender kiss
yank on the balls and a little head
mixed emotions driving me insane
my body erupts
my mind caves in
He took me past lust


I love him

Copyright © 2015 Patrick B Vince

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