06 June 2015

Beyond the Odds

I find it perplexing we're still together
our first night together lasted forever
besides my virginity he took my heart
my heart that I thought was broken apart
he got it beating
I found him intriguing, hansom and clever
in a clever way he got under my skin
and since I've been told never say never
never thought I would, but I let him in
he had me yearning
my heart quickened, it made my world spin
spin out of control couldn't think whatsoever
my thoughts created this shit eating grin
a grin that was ready for a sexual endeavor
a lustful burning
we went full circle, returned to the start
this time no taking I gave him my heart
who knew our first night would be forever

it's almost perplexing that we're still together

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

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