02 May 2015

Wrong side of Human

Eyes mimicked smiles, infectious
almost innocent, not pretentious
increased my cravings it's true
as I contemplated my next move
but these cravings, I couldn't trust
Heard from the heart and both heads
listened to the voices instead
found it really easy to adjust
desires spiked, a carnal lust
almost familiar yet still brand new
the demon in me became restless
it took in the defenseless

Strapped them down on the bed
watched the fear begin to spread
lack of pity, overflown disgust
a bone saw covered in rust
intentions aren't misconstrued
Salivated, so delicious
couldn't hold back, hunger's restless
only one thing left to do
that would be to take a life or two
Who knew I'd do what I'd discussed
after all's been done and said
not surprised to find someone's dead

Copyright © 2015 Patrick B Vince

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