23 May 2015

it just happened


His touch
His voice
His smile

a need
a want
once lust
turned love

I believe it's all His fault
the things He dose to me
drives me wild
sets my demon free
pleasure pain
causes screams of admiration
He drives me insane
up and over the edge
spiritually masturbates me
makes me come in so many ways
I wear His collar and he has the key

I never leave disappointed
even when we don't play
I've fallen for some of the mundane things
things I hope won't go away
the sound of His voice
the look of his face
my number one choice
His soulful eyes
also His touch
everything about Him

I'm committed to Him
in a special way
He's my Sir
I'm His Boy
We're okay

Copyright©2015 by Patrick B Vince

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