29 May 2015

Come Midnight

Come the midnight hour bells toll in the tower
announcing that times finally arrived
when the dreams become a reality
the time to let the spirit lose, roam free
Beware though because nightmares come true to
The magic can't distinguish the difference
it can't tell between the good and the bad
It depends on individual minds
the things people have hiding in their heads
from flying unicorns to walking dead
In all the dreams though there's passion, desire
there's also a hell with a burning fire
Only once a year do they come alive
like a mental game of Russian Roulette
Unfortunately we can't control dreams
they're as unpredictable as magic
like the way it rides upon a rainbow
or travels the land like a tornado
and announcing it's final arrival
magic does ensure come the midnight hour

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

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