15 March 2015

There's a Sale Going On !!!

Teenage Years Best Time of My Life, NOT!
Vix Rigor
Sick and Twisted tales that make you squirm
Etched Images in my Head
Regurgitated Reality
What the Voices in My Head are Saying
Contagiously Speaking, may I eat your brain
Where's My Asylum
Love is a Four Letter Word
( r. ) Butler reveals all – Homoerotic Poetry

Titles on sale from 10 to 40%off regular price. 

A cornucopia of different themes and styles of poetry and one very twisted sick short story book. 
Sale Ends Easter Sunday !!

Buy 3 books, get the 4th free!
Just add 4 print books to your cart and one will be free (of equal or lesser value).
Cannot be combined with other offers. Only one free item per order.
Use Code: TRGE15

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