23 March 2015

the Other Bunny

We have Bad Bunny that comes a visiting

It's that friggen holiday again
when baskets of shit causing chocolate is hidden
for boys and girls of all kinds

Most of us older folk remember a different Hare
but few knew about Bad Bunny, Peter's twin
He hides baskets with rotten eggs everywhere

That's why colored ones I politely decline
and I also toss out every chocolate Rabbit
It's no hair off my ass or sweat off my skin

I've even heard that Bad Bunny is rabid
and that he's already loosing his mind
One more thing, he always knows when he's seen
Personally I'd rather commit all seven deadly sins
he also knows every flavored jelly bean
there's no place to hide he won't find

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

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