31 March 2015

Sign Misread

A nice little jaunt in the woods
The sun was hanging in the west
when I spotted Crow's bloody nest
the meaning I misunderstood
I got a pain in my chest
hope there's a warranty on this heart
it keeps stopping, needing a jump start
in the beginning I was impressed
now broken, it keeps falling apart
I was picking up blood covered feathers
thinking that crow got torn apart
Then I realized we were together
he stood in gore chewing on something leather
covered with patches of blood matted fur

Discombobulated, my vision blurred
Instantly day turned into night
illumination by moon light
a time when magic occurs
Had a queer feeling, something wasn't right
I didn't know these woods
catching a sign that said “Death to ( R ) Hood”
that's when I mounted Crow and took flight
Looking through Crow's eyes I cocked it's head
watched darkness as it slowly spread
leaving in it's wake a river of red
painting Crow's nest, which I misread
A sudden chill, though no change in the weather
an echo's memory, thunder and lightening concur

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

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