19 March 2015

On a Cloudy Afternoon

It starts with me donning his collar
a locked chain and he has the key
As I wait for him on bent knee
sexual thoughts I would ponder
Leather restraints were put on my wrist
grabbed my balls, "on your feet" he said
attached my arms above my head
Took rope he tied, knotted and then twist
and in between knotting, whack
he strikes my ass and smacks my chest
I enjoy this feeling if you haven't guessed
with a good tug he takes up the slack
a rawhide strap is used to tie my balls firmly
then kissed the places that are furry

Smiling I replied “Sir, Thank You Sir”
Boy quick pick one, crop, flogger or belt
choosing the flogger, felt my demon stir
opened hand or closed fist it's love I felt
I was craving his physical touch
and engrossed by the sight of his dick
I was salivating, wanting it so much
That's when he got the flogger I picked
Then caught my eyes looking south
craving a taste, he made me beg
pre cum on his finger was put in my mouth
inside, he ignited a powder keg
It got him excited when choking me with my chain
and throbbing giving me pleasure pain

Took me down, bent me over, grabbed my ass
and then he tickled my tender spot
Several times over I mentally shot
feeling of ecstasy was greatly surpassed
I was in heat, reaching my prime
our connection was beyond physical
it can't be seen, it's nothing visible
but he takes me there every time
I was kinky to begin with at the start
he could relate to my sick sexual thoughts
understood my feelings for rope and knots
while driving me crazy he stole my heart
Since then thought of him every night
while rubbing my bruises ever so slight

Copyright © 2015 Patrick B Vince

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