21 March 2015

Night Terrors

look real hard, see them overhead
they look emancipated, dead
like creatures from stories I read
their eyes glow red, their eyes glow red

their eyes scared me out of my head
gave me a chill that quickly spread
don't fear eyes beware teeth instead
I heard it said, I heard it said

its been said a man they once shred
as if he was a piece of bread
in the end each one gets behead
lightly I tread, lightly I tread

suddenly engulfed with a dread
If I could of I would of fled
my feet were heavier then lead
a tear I shed, a tear I shed

childhood fears that have been embed
looking at my wrist as they bled
Fate gets ready to cut my thread
I woke in bed, I woke in bed

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

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