15 March 2015

Magic of the Night

Both of my heads think about sex
I like the way you make them swell
understand simplicity's complex
it wasn't long I was under your spell

I wear your collar when we're together
and highly enjoy being bound with rope
know I'm a sucker for the feel of leather
and appreciate it when your hands grope
grab my nipples, give them a twist
then my balls, squeeze them tight
the head of my dick you gently kiss
this was the start of a really good night
when a blindfold is put on my head
obscene thoughts cause me to grin
my ass you smacked, my legs you spread
causing a reddening of the skin

You got me throbbing, hard as a rock
being so kind you fed me your meat
I love to feel the hardening of cock
and I find that precum taste so sweet
swallow you down to the pubes
tickling your balls with my chin hairs
in no time at all my ass was lubed
you're the answer to my prayers

Although I can't see, I feel you near
you bend me from behind
pinning me down, you mount my rear
then slowly start to grind
I'm usually quiet but you made me moan
then grabbed my hips, started pounding
from what I felt, I swear you have grown
damn, the whole fuck was astounding
suddenly you stopped, cock stuffed in deep
quickly you pulled out of me shooting

I hear a whisper, “Boy, you I will keep”
Staying silent, I wasn't refuting

Copyright©2015 by Patrick B Vince

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