25 March 2015

Heaven Made

Since wearing the collar he evolved
was a beast looking to be tamed
willing to give, so to receive
willing to bleed to satisfy a need
wielding a strength of mental restraint
knows he has the capability to swap the tables
but there's a weight lifted when he submits
he's the one called Boy

Sir is a sick kinky bastard
that drives the Boy crazy
ties Boy up with rope using intricate knots
especially around the balls, nice and tight
then takes away the poor Boy's sight
is quick with a crop and great with the flogger
Sir leaves behind a plethora of bruises
for Boy to cherish when they part

The two are a match made in heaven
one gets pleasure from pain
the other gives pain as his pleasure
together they have intense sexual sessions
ethereal orgasms they invoke
feel the love in the words “hot fucker”
Sir, Yes Sir” echoes again and again
until both have reached a Nirvana

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

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