07 March 2015

Dose of Reality

his bluntness took me by surprise
he's never been this abrupt before
it felt like I was slammed in the face
by comparisons and metaphors

when did I become a disappointment
was it necessary for this cruelty
the tears he caused cleared my eyes
dousing me with reality

my words are filled with compassion
I really thought that he knew
the subject matter which I write
is inspired by the things we do

be it intertwined in sexual passion
running errands all over town
talking about a past I don't know
yet excited by what I find out

when we're apart I think of him
bringing up the sound of his voice
while envisioning the look on his face
as he smiles and calls me his Boy

a warmth rekindles inside
there's a fire in me that burns
he saw how quickly it spread
knowing it's his touch I yearn

he fulfills my perverted fantasies
I look foreword to his company
be it conversation or play
I'm addicted to him I'd say

I heard a sadness in his tone
like a spark that wouldn't ignite
where did those feelings go
how can I make things right

with bloody palms this much I do
hand over my heart still beating
to show the part that loves you
ever since our first meeting

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

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