04 March 2015

Didn't know It

completely nude I'm bound with rope
can I get out the answer's nope
in a heightened sexual mood
I'm bound with rope completely nude

while blindfolded I wait his touch
taunts and teases but not too much
since I'm the Boy that he molded
I wait his touch while blindfolded

while I'm restrained he starts to play
making me swoon and start to sway
smiling because he's entertained
he starts to play while I'm restrained

the way he gropes sets me free
getting me off's a guarantee
he does more then I've ever hoped
it sets me free the way he gropes

stole my heart without knowing it
to his desires I submit
the same way I felt at the start
without knowing it stole my heart

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince
Swap Quatrain Poem

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