19 March 2015

Crow's My Friend

I looked for the answers under a rock
I found lichen and peat moss a plenty
nothing else so I put it back gently
there in a tree was a Crow that could talk
complete sentences not silly bird squawk
although there are times he'd get quite testy
when we ran into anyone sketchy
which happens to us a lot when we walk
Crow became my friend and my extra eyes
I protected him and kept him well fed
together we must look like quite the pair
Crow took wing joined a murder in the sky
I heard him speak to me inside my head
I'll come back after the harvest I swear
but beware
Raven in disguise as Crow comes one night
see him, lock the windows and doors up tight
'til first light
Butterfly kisses came took my last breath
can you recall my dying or my death

Copyright © 2015 Patrick B Vince

Caudate Sonnet

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