25 March 2015

A Lonely Path

After midnight, the moon's a sliver
finally found the key to the locks
The winds are cool, gave me a shiver
it's a lonely path that I walk
My head is a mess from what I just did
Still felt the sticky from the blood on my hands
it made me giggle like a kid
I gladly do what the voice commands
a sweet sick smell lingered in my nose
images flashed in my mind like a strobe light
but then again that's how it goes
I can still see the face after taking a bite
everything's colored in gray, black and red
to me a poetic combination
It's true everything I've said
I have this thing for human mutilation
My being alone makes people quiver
It's after midnight and the moon's a sliver
if you haven't realized it I'm a killer

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

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