28 February 2015

Zombie and Crow

when humanity's sins are no longer forgiven
that's when the dead begin walking with the living
a particular one was looking for a bite
and so began his journey in the darkness of night
he can crack open a skull with just one bite
searching all through the day and then all through the night
driven by a hunger that continued to grow

A Crow cawed from the branches “hey Zombie there below”
why is it you crave the brains of the living,
a craving that's insatiable unforgiving?”

'cause there's something in brains that ease my phantom pains”
then Zombie asked Crow “don't you feed off the remains”

yes what you say is true I must eat to survive
eating only from the dead not the dead alive
I'm the first you see but many more will arrive
and from these scattered corpses a murder does thrive”

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

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