24 February 2015

on a moon high

Through clouds came a radiant moon
view's reflected on the lagoon
drew in by a mystical tune
subdue me soon, subdue me soon

Know I'm a bit slight of the mind
slow thought process hear the gears grind
show how pleasure and pain's combined
so intertwined, so intertwined

High anxiety takes command
try grasping realities hand
bye bye to my make believe land
I understand, I understand

Rest my head still the mind won't sleep
messed up while trying to count sheep
suppressed feelings kept in a heap
oppressed I weep, oppressed I weep

Nighttime when my subconscious wakes
daytime follows after Dawn breaks
sometimes I feel like a mistake
lifetime forsake, lifetime forsake

Copyright © 2015 by Patrick B Vince

Mono tetra Poem

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